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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Hayes Hitech’s mission is to improve IT departments for companies in Iowa and Southeast Texas. It is our mission to conduct business in an ethical and efficient manner to allow our customers to improve and grow their own business. 

Core Values

Every single operation, process, and action revolves around three core values. 

Be transparent. 

Be honest. 

Be ethical. 

These values will guide the company in a positive direction while also providing the customers and employees a great level of trust in our operations. 

Our Founder

Early Years

Ben Hayes grew up in a small town in the Midwest. He was raised by his mother and father who taught him to always try your hardest at everything you do. This resonated with him through high school as he was selected for the National Honor Roll and elected into the Who's Who in America. Despite taking the seemingly obvious collegiate route, he chose to follow his family's footsteps and join the military. He enlisted as an Information Systems Technician.

Military Career

The choice to join the military proved to be very rewarding for Ben. He was able to receive early advancement before his enlistment date by fulfilling preliminary tasks successfully. The first step when joining was going through the IT school. Ben completed the school with a 98% score and a choice of where he wanted to go. He chose a place that needed the most help, and was able to provide that help. Upon arriving, the ship was set to undergo an intense inspection. During this inspection, he was able to impress senior inspectors with his immediate comprehension of the communication systems and received a lot of recognition for efforts.

Ben was able to become Communications Watch Officer leading a team to manage communications. He was also appointed as the Training Officer for the IT Department given his ability to learn, communicate, and transfer knowledge effectively. 

During his course in the Navy, he earned multiple awards including a Naval Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal and several letters of appreciation. Even with his success, he decided to leave and join the civilian sector.

Civilian Career

Ben was enrolled at the University of Iowa as a Business Major. He was successful there for 2 years where he decided to move to Houston and break into the the civilian IT sector. Since moving to Houston, Ben has finished a Computer Science degree and proven to be a very valuable resource in the industry. He has also completed several certifications including Cisco Certified Network Associate, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, CompTIA A+, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, Microsoft Certified Professional, and Argus DCF certification. He has successfully led more than 50 major IT Infrastructure projects and the number continues to grow. 

Ben has always been very observant throughout his career. Through those observations, he has seen many issues that seem to be commonly accepted. Whether it be technicians without soft skills, projects that are over time and over budget, poorly managed employees, or something as simple as slow response time are all unacceptable in his eyes. 

Ben channeled of all the experiences, knowledge, observations, and values and turned it into Hayes Hitech.

Hayes Hitech proudly serves the Houston and surrounding areas as well as Iowa.