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Hayes Hitech
Hayes Hitech
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    A typical business will operate between 8am and 6pm. This might be our simplest offering, but it still ensures you are completely covered while you are at work. Sometimes, that is all you need.

    WorkDay Plus

    Similar to Workday, but we know that servers and networks don't know when it's time to go home. So while you are at home, we still monitor your environment to make sure that when you come back everything is running as expected.


    This is our best service available. We provide around the clock monitoring and support for everything and everyone in your company. We don't rest if you don't rest. We are here to make sure your company runs when you need it to. 

    The Details

    Secure IT Infrastructure

    Protect your environment with the right tools and the right people. 

    • We implement next-gen anti-virus. 
    • We  take care of all patching needs. 
    • We utilize behavioral algorithms to prevent malicious attacks from spreading across your network. 

    Attacks like ransomware are cut off on the host machine and the entire process tree identified, providing immediate root cause analysis. 

    • We also analyze your logs systematically to determine suspicious activity. 
    • We analyze user behavior to help prevent possible harm from employees. 

    Okay, okay... Can we just say that we care a lot about security?

    Unlimited User Support

    What happens when something goes wrong with a workstation? Give us a call or an email and we will start working on the issue. You don't have to count how many times you call us or how many hours you have left. It is now in our best interest to get the users back up and running as soon as possible.  

    Oh yeah, you don't have to wait for us to come there, because we work remotely. We certainly don't mind going onsite, but remotely connecting seems to be faster than driving through traffic. 

    Real-time Monitoring

    Who likes to monitor how much space a server has or if the threshold for CPU processing reached its limit?

    We do. 

    We find great joy in making sure that your network stays healthy. We make sure your servers, switches, firewalls, applications, and ISP are all working correctly. If they aren't we make sure to fix it ASAP.

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Disasters happen. It doesn't matter how you lose your data, what matters is how you get it back so the business can continue. We handle that issue for you. Your data will safe in the cloud, meeting SOX compliance requirements and available to restore at a moments notice. 

    Isn't The Cloud awesome? 

    IT Strategy and Planning

    What are your business goals for the next year, 2 years, or 3 years? Do you have the technology to support those goals? Do you have the time or personnel to implement any initiatives? Are the processes today as best as they can be? Does improving those process help make the company more efficient? Do constant issues have an effect on the morale of the employees? We take a lot into account when working with you to get your strategy aligned with your business. 

    Project Support

    Need a server configured or installed? How about a business class firewall? Do you need to restructure your file system or migrate email to something more manageable? 

    Why risk doing that yourself? How much time will you need to spend doing that while also not halting your business? 

    We suggest bringing in a very experienced group of engineers and administrators to evaluate, plan, design, and implement. After that, leave it to the Help Desk to make sure everything stays running smooth.

    We don't mind doing the IT stuff, if you haven't noticed.

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