This is how we work with your it team

Project Support


Hayes Hitech will help your team with any upcoming projects. We have experience working with over 60 clients and their projects, ranging from small upgrades to data center moves and are ready to help any way we can.

Help Desk


Perhaps you already have strong engineers, but would like to have a company take over the day-to-day issues that keep pushing your projects back. You can rely on us to provide help desk support to your company.

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Backup and Disaster Recovery could be the most overlooked and most important aspect for your company. If you don't have a way to get your data backed up or don't want to manage those backups, then we will help you out.

IT Strategy and Planning


We understand that sometimes the best help will be working together to get pointed in the right direction to have the business and techonology needs align. We have helped many businesses with their strategy and planning, from building a new infrastructure to redesigning an entire network to conform to a new application requirement.

Proactive Monitoring


Some companies have a small IT team and do not want to spend their after hours making sure everything is running correctly. We can help with that monitoring and make sure that the technicians working the issue aren't overwhelmed with false alarms. Although, we do monitor around the clock.

Business Intelligence


Every single company has data. We use enterprise-class tools to help the interpretation and decision-making process using that data. This technology can help take your business to the next level.